Sony relies on Mobile Athlon XP

Sony relies on Mobile Athlon XP

Sony today announced four new VAIO notebooks in the FX600 series. The outstanding model is undoubtedly the FX605 with AMD's brand new 1500+ Mobile Athlon XP processor, the first AMD processor with 0.13 µm technology, which is operated with a front-side bus of 266 MHz.

With 256 MB RAM, a hard drive capacity of 30 GB, a 15-inch TFT color display and a combined DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive, Sony's FX605 well equipped. But the FX604 and the entry-level models FX601 and FX602 also offer many features with a 1.1 GHz Mobile AMD Duron processor, 256 MB RAM (expandable to 512 MB) and 20 GB hard drive capacity. While the FX601 is equipped with a DVD-ROM drive, the FX602 and FX604 also integrate a combined DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive. All four offer an Ethernet connection, a TV output and an IEEE 1394 interface and use Windows XP Home Edition.

At 14.1 inches, the FX601 and FX602 displays are only slightly smaller than those of the models 15-inch FX604 and FX605. An ATI 3D Rage Mobility card with 8 MB RAM and a 3D graphics accelerator offers sufficient graphics performance. An additional battery, which can be used instead of the floppy disk drive, extends the battery life to a total of over seven hours. It is also possible to connect a docking station, which in turn costs just under 163 euros. All four new models will be on the shelves of the manufacturers immediately, or in the case of the FX605 from May. The following prices apply here:

  • VAIO Notebook PCG-FX601 - 1,700.00 euros
  • VAIO Notebook PCG-FX602 - 1,900.00 euros
  • VAIO Notebook PCG-FX604 - 2,100.00 euros
  • VAIO Notebook PCG-FX605 - 2,300.00 euros

All in all, the new VAIOs are a little more expensive than those from Asus yesterday presented the L2D series with Athlon 4 processor.

Sony VAIO FX605 with Mobile Athlon XP