Sony NEC Optiarc Europe starts retail sales

Sony NEC Optiarc Europe starts retail sales

Sony NEC Optiarc is launching three new burners. The drives are being sold for the first time through electronics retailers under the Sony brand. The top product among the new offers from Optiarc is the 4-fold 'Blu-ray Disc' burner BWU-200S.

The BWU-200S burns single- and double-layer Blu-ray Discs with up to four times and DVD media with up to 16 times the speed. It takes around 45 minutes to write to a BD-R with 50 GByte - half the time of the predecessor model BWU-100A. Up to 230 minutes of video in HD quality can be recorded on a 50 GByte Blu-ray disc. The BWU-200S processes BD-REs at twice the speed. With blank DVD + R discs, it is 16x, with DVD + RW media eight times, with DVD-RAMs five times and with DVD + R discs in the double-layer version eight times the writing speed. The BWU-200S has a SATA interface and is supplied with the CyberLink BD authoring software for Windows, which reads in self-made video recordings in 1080i and offers editing functions. The software also supports the playback of videos, including DVDs in AVCHD format.

Sony NEC Optiarc BWU-200S

In addition to the BWU-200S, Optiarc is also launching two new Multi Writer DVD burners. The DRU-190S (SATA) and the DRU-190A (PATA) can write up to 20 times faster on single-layer DVDs. You burn rewritable and double-layer DVDs at up to eight times the speed, DVD-RAMs at a maximum of 12 times the DVD speed. The BWU-200S as well as the DRU-190S and the DRU-190A should be available in stores with immediate effect. While the Blu-ray drive is not yet listed and there is no official price recommendation, the DRU-190S and the DRU-190A are currentlyalready listed from just under 27 euros. But they are not yet available either.

Sony NEC Optiarc DRU-190A