Sony, IBM and Toshiba strengthen cooperation

Sony, IBM and Toshiba strengthen cooperation

Sony and its subsidiary Sony Computer Entertainment (SCEI) have signed a multi-year cooperation agreement with IBM and Toshiba, through which they will have access to the most modern chip technologies. This also involves the development of system-on-a-chip components.

At IBM Semiconductor Research and Development Center (SRDC) in East Fishkill, New York, the 'silicon-on-insulator' and 'low K dielectric' technologies are to be used in the manufacture of these systems. The latter are insulating materials that are supposed to ensure shorter switching times. The contract has a volume of several hundred million US dollars and, among other things, aims to manufacture 0.05 µ chips on 300mm wafers. At the moment we are working on the 0.10 µ chip 'Cell', which should be ready in 2004. With several 'cell' chips, clusters should also be able to be formed, which should then develop computing power of several tera-flops. The term 'supercomputer-on-a-chip' has been found here, development is planned until 2006.

The rumor that 'Cell' will be the heart of the future Playstation 3 from Sony is interesting For example, IBM is currently supplying the 'Gekko', a modified PowerPC processor for the GameCube from Nintendo.