Soltek 'Try It Yourself' promotion for the German market

Soltek 'Try It Yourself' promotion for the German market

This fall, Soltek has come up with some very special surprises for German customers and is coming onto the market with some special offers. 'Soltek Computer' is already one of the leading mainboard manufacturers in Great Britain, France, Finland, Russia, Korea and China.

In China, Soltek is currently number 4 on the market. Now the aim has been to supply the German market with more of its own products and would like to gain a foothold here as in other countries. The 'Soltek Eisen Mann' is supposed to bring the German users 'motherboards with very good performance at a fantastic price', at least that is what the Soltek concept envisages. The high-end motherboard manufacturer Soltek Computer Inc, founded in 1996, wants to convince German customers of its good products, performance and service with its 'professional team of product developers, salespeople, marketing experts and customer service employees' under the slogan 'Try it yourself' .

According to its own statements, Soltek is 'one of the fastest growing motherboard manufacturers' thanks to its strong and motivated team. Some well-known hardware sites have already given Soltek's products good results in the past, so that many customers will be happy about Soltek's future promotion on the German market. Soltek's goal is to combine the 'best price/performance ratio with a really great service team' that makes the products the 'best choice' for the customer.


As some have probably already noticed, there is a new banner from Soltek on the left side under the menu on ComputerBase. This is a result of Soltek's increased involvement in the German market and goes hand in hand with the Germany Promotion, which we discussed a few days agoreported. Soltek seems to be pursuing its goal very consistently and the company is obviously keen to become a fixture on the German market.

SOLTEK SL-75DRV5 PURPLE RAY (the real one)