Soltek 'gold-plated' also nForce 2

Soltek 'gold-plated' also nForce 2

After a golden Granite-Bay mainboard, Soltek has now also announced a limited edition nForce 2 board. The board is called SL-75FRN (-R) and will accommodate the SPP, i.e. the nForce 2 without integrated graphics.

Other features include:

SL-75FRN/75FRN-R adopt NVIDIA nForce2 SPP + MCP chipsets, and support latest Athlon XP/Athlon/Duron processors with value features of FSB 333/266 MHZ, Dual Channel DDR 400/333/266 SDRAM up to 3GB, AGP 8X, Ultra ATA 133/100, 6-Channel AC'97 Audio, 6 x USB 2.0, and Serial ATA Raid Function (SL- 75FRN-R only)

Instead of the highly integrated MCP- T chip, only the smaller MCP variant without dual LAN, FireWire and APU (audio processing unit) is available with Dolby Digital 5.1 encoder used.

The software supplement consists of Trend Micro PC-cillin 2002, PowerQuest PartitionMagic 6.0 SE and Drive Image 4.0 as well as FarStone Virtual Drive 7 & RestoreIT 3. A price is not yet known to us .