Soltek announces VIA KT333 motherboard

Soltek announces VIA KT333 motherboard

Little by little, the facts about VIA's new chipset for socket A are massively increasing. Although the chipset manufacturer still denies that the KT333 will be presented this week, the first mainboard manufacturers have already announced their products.

So Soltek officially announced their KT333 board today, the SL-75DRV5. The board offers 5 PCI slots and an AGP 4x slot and comes with the usual features that the KT333 supports with the 8233A southbridge. This of course includes support for DDR SDRAM with a clock rate of 333MHz and Ultra ATA133, which was introduced by Maxtor and is already used by the first hard drives. The performance gain, however, is more of a theoretical nature. Because current hard drives are far from such a high data throughput.

The Soltek SL-75DRV5 still offers the possibility of change both the AGP and the DIMM voltage. This function should be especially important for overclockers. But also when it comes to heat protection, they have given some thought. The so-called SmartDoc technology is intended to ensure that the processor runs smoothly. If the processor temperature rises threateningly, appropriate countermeasures are initiated. The board can also be seen from a purely visual point of view.

The Abit KX7-333 with KT333 is already within reach. The board also relies on the combination of KT333 and 8233A Southbridge. A French shop, for example, has already included the board in its range, although Abit has not yet announced it.

You can find the latest information on the VIA KT333 here .

Soltek SL-75DRV5