Six new graphics cards from Hercules

Six new graphics cards from Hercules

Hercules will apparently introduce six new graphics cards in the next few days. 4 of these cards will be equipped with Kyro chips, one with the Geforce2 MX 400 and one with the Geforce3. Hercules has decided, contrary to first statements, to bring out a card with the new Geforce2 MX 400 chip.

They wanted to do without it, because the Kyro II should perform better in the same price segment. Hercules is also the first manufacturer to announce a Geforce3 board with 128 MB of RAM. It seems more than unlikely that this 128 MByte will be used by any software in the near future, as the 64 MByte are not even nearly used on current boards/div>

The 3D Prophet 4000XT will be available in two versions - one without a TV-out for a price of 80 US dollars and with a TV-out for 90 dollars. The 3D Prophet 4500, which is equipped with the Kyro II, has 64 MB RAM and will also appear in the two versions mentioned above. The normal board without TV-out costs 160 dollars and the board with TV-out costs 175 dollars. The 3D Prophet II MX 400 is equipped with 32 MB of RAM and will change hands for just 115 dollars. It is therefore cheaper than the Kyro II boards, but they also have more RAM. The 3D Prophet 4000XT and 4500 are expected to be available on May 16. appear. The release dates for the other cards are not yet known.


Reactor Critical reports that the Geforce3 with 128 MB RAM is due to hit the market in May.