SiSoft Sandra released in 2003

SiSoft Sandra released in 2003

SiSoftware today released its popular system diagnosis tool 'Sandra' in the new version 'Sandra 2003'. The new version is build 2003.1.9.26. SiSoftware has made the following changes and fixes:

  • Gauge overall system in a flash with the combined performance index wizard to quickly gauge overall system performance and compare and contrast upgrading options.
  • Supports the latest technologies ( AGP 3, Hyper-Threading ), chipsets (Intel 7500, 845GL/GV/GE/PE; SiS 648, 655, 746; VIA KT400, P4X400), controllers (SiS 963; VIA 8233A/C, 8235/L), clock generator ICs and devices on the market.
  • Detailed context sensitive help for Tips/Warnings/Errors. Detailed technical definitions.
  • Extensive reference results: over 50 different reference results from legacy to cutting edge systems. Can save you own and combine with your own results.
  • Burn-in wizard: improved monitoring options, can see in real-time the changes in system state as burn-in progresses . Can program terminate conditions in case of out-of-range conditions.
  • Cooling system information: Can estimate thermal resistance to determine the performance of the cooling system, thus ensuring proper cooling for the processor (s).
  • Multi-platform: Both ANSI (for legacy systems) and Unicode (native for Windows 2000/XP/.Net) versions included in a single improved installer.
  • Improved graphing options: users can compare the results in log, or inverse mode as well as standard linear mode.

Everything more and the download of the new version can be found directly at SiSoftware Owners of the professional version will receive the update as usual within the next few days.