SiS 'plans for the Pentium4

SiS 'plans for the Pentium4

After we reported yesterday that SiS will concentrate more on the chipsets for the Pentium4, today we will take a closer look at the upcoming chipsets. The new SiS chipsets should be particularly interesting in the future thanks to their diverse RAM support.

  • SiS648: The SiS648 supports both 400 and 533 MHz Quad Pumped Bus (QDR). Like its predecessor, the SiS645, it also offers DDR333 support. The AGP 8x support is new for this. SiS should come onto the market with this chipset as early as May. The part of the Southbridge will be taken over by the SiS962, which offers ATA/133, six USB2.0 connections and three Firewire ports. The SiS648 will not support DDR400.
  • SiS648DX: The second revision of the SiS648 will provide DDR400 support. Otherwise it comes with identical features as its direct predecessor. A release is expected around June.
  • SiS651: As a new integrated solution, the SiS651, the DDR333 and 400/533 MHz QDR will be on the market at about the same time as the SiS648DX supported. The SiS962 is used again for the southbridge.
  • SiS655: The SiS655, which is due to come in the summer, should be extremely interesting. For the first time, it offers dual-channel DDR333 support, which could help the Pentium4 achieve increased performance in the DDR segment because of its high bandwidth, which is not yet fully utilized by normal DDR333. The remaining features correspond to those of the SiS648.
  • SiS658: In the third quarter the corresponding chipset for Rambus will come. The SiS658 supports dual-channel PC1066 RDRAM and will also cope with 32-bit modules and ECC. It also gets a new southbridge, the SiS963. With a drilled out MuTIOL technology, it delivers transfer rates of up to 1GB between north and south bridges. The currentSiS645 only brings it to 533MB/s in combination with its Southbridge. The SiS963 also supports ADSL.
  • SiS660: The SiS660 is another integrated solution and has a graphics core from the SiS330 series. In addition, it offers external AGP 8x support. A release is not expected until the end of 2002.
  • SiS649: The SiS649 will be the first SiS chipset to support DDR II memory, but will not be available until the middle of next year . The SiS964 Southbridge provided to him provides USB2.0, Firewire, SerialATA150 and ADSL.

Should the rumors that Intel is also working on a dual-channel DDR chipset for the Pentium4, If this is not true, the SiS655 in particular could outperform the competition in the GDR segment. But let's wait and see if Intel will surprise us with such a chipset soon.