SiS officially introduces Xabre

SiS officially introduces Xabre

SiS today unveiled its new Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), the Xabre, to the public in Taipei. SiS borrowed the name 'Xabre' from 'Saber', a cavalry sword with which SiS refers to the performance of the new GPU.

With the Xabre400 (SiS360) the GPU is operated with 250 MHz and the memory with 500 MHz, the latter is addressed via a 128-bit interface. It can address a maximum of 128 MB RAM and achieves a bandwidth of up to 8 GB/s. With the introduction of '8x8', ie support for both AGP 8x and DirectX 8.1, SiS has created a strong position for itself. AGP 8x increases the previous bandwidth from 1 GB/s to 2.1 GB/s, so that the graphics card harmonizes better with the other bandwidths of 2-4 GB/s available in the PC. SiS speaks of a 'balance PC' . SiS is already delivering the Xabre GPUs in quantities and has presented some models from different manufacturers.

To mark the release of the Xabre, SiS has also announced a new website , which you can now visit can only view information in English and Chinese.

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