SiS makes profit again

SiS makes profit again

This is the first positive profit announcement from Silicon Ingegrated Systems for almost two years. In the first three months of this year, the Taiwanese company generated a profit of 26 million New Taiwan Dollars, which is equivalent to about 857,000 euros.

This can be attributed to the sales growth of almost 32% compared to the previous quarter. This growth in sales is primarily due to the greater demand for Pentium 4 chipsets. According to, SiS sold 4.5 million chipsets and one million graphics chips in the first quarter.

With this good result and increasing sales of chipsets, SiS hopes to gain market share currently holding 17%. On the other hand, the statements about the graphics chips were more cautious. The impact of the upcoming chipsets i845G and i845GL with integrated graphics solution for Pentium 4 systems from Intel cannot yet be assessed.