SiS counters with a dual channel DDR333 chipset for P4 and Hammer

SiS counters with a dual channel DDR333 chipset for P4 and Hammer

What Intel's GraniteBay alias E7205 is missing, SiS delivers with the SiS655 introduced today. While the E7205 dual channel DDR266 can deliver a maximum of 4.2 GB/s memory throughput, up to 5.3 GB/s are possible with the dual channel DDR333 interface of the new SiS chipset.

Even if Intel's Pentium 4 Processors themselves are currently only connected to the Northbridge with 4.2 GB/s, one must not forget that the memory interface can never deliver one hundred percent of the theoretical performance. In this respect, Dual Channel DDR333 can mean significantly more performance in individual cases.

The SiS655 officially supports HyperThreading and has, as well as Intel's E7205 , via AGP 8x support, supports six PCI slots (E7205 only five) and, in conjunction with the SiS963 Southbridge , can offer numerous features, including Intel's Southbridge, the ICH4, currently still has to dream. For example, SiS has already integrated Firewire in the SiS963. The mainboard manufacturers do not have to use an external chip.

SiS will also be sending the dual channel DDR333 interface in the SiS755 to the start for the AMD Clawhammer. In terms of features, however, it differs only slightly from the SiS655, even if the hammer is of course addressed via a completely different bus.