SiS, ALI and VIA adapt plans for Pentium 4 platform

SiS, ALI and VIA adapt plans for Pentium 4 platform

Intel will be using an 800 MHz frontside bus for the next year's Northwood (Pentium 4) and Prescott processors and has revised the specifications of the Springdale chipsate for this purpose. In addition, you start with the Canterwood. But what is the competition doing?

Unfortunately, there is not much left than to correct the specifications for the chipsets planned for the coming year. Finished products have to be revised again.

VIA was the first to speak out. Official license for the Intel bus or not, but the P4X600A will now support FSB800 and Dual Channel DDR400, as Intel demands. The first samples should already be delivered in January. The mass product should start in the first quarter of 2003, so that one quarter before Intel can deliver finished chipsets for FSB800. Incidentally, the P4X600A will achieve this clock rate by overclocking.

SiS will also support the upcoming Intel processors and is therefore delaying the start of the SiS648FX at the end of the first quarter of next year, so that you can supply the market together with Intel. The first version of the SiS648FX will have a single-channel DDR400 interface, the successor, whose name is currently unknown, will be released a quarter later, but will offer dual-channel DDR400 support.

Too good Finally there is ALi and the M1681 . The chipset will go into mass production in the second quarter of 2003 and should now, how could it be otherwise, bring dual-channel DDR400 support with it.

Obviously, all manufacturers agree on the memory of the next year concerns. Rambus is dead and DDR400 is made the official standard memory. In order to get enough performance from the DDR SDRAM, one also uses dualChannel, i.e. the parallel control of two memory modules in order to double the effective bandwidth. The requirements for Intel's upcoming processors will therefore meet both ALi and SiS as well as VIA.