SiS 745 is becoming increasingly popular

SiS 745 is becoming increasingly popular

Since in Germany only Elitegroup was the only manufacturer to have a board with SiS735 chipset, the K7S5A, things are looking much better with the successor SiS745. No fewer than nine manufacturers will install this chipset on their boards.

After Elitegroup, Asus, MSI and EPoX, among others, now have boards in their range. The big ones in the industry are therefore increasingly relying on SiS, although VIA's KT333 remains the first choice for many manufacturers. The following boards are already available or will be available in stores soon.

  • AOpen AK75PRO
  • Asus A7S333
  • ECS K7S6A
  • EPoX 8S7A
  • EPoX 8S7A2
  • FastFame 6SFK
  • Gigabyte GA-7STX
  • Jetway 745DA-I
  • Lucky Star K7SA745
  • MSI 745 Ultra

With this, SiS has once again succeeded in consolidating its own position on the chipset market. However, the competition never sleeps either. SiS had the SiS745 with DDR333 support on the market faster, but VIA was able to present the corresponding RAM together with their KT333 in order to unleash the full performance of both chipsets.