Serial ATA hard drives appeared in Japan

Serial ATA hard drives appeared in Japan

For almost six months now, you have had the choice between boards with and without a SerialATA controller when buying a mainboard. So far, however, one practical benefit has remained withheld: there were no hard drives. Now, as has been suspected several times, the first drives have appeared in Japan.

According to x-bit Labs, the Maxtor DiamondMax 9 series '6Y120M0' announced in September is now available in stores at a price of $ 270 . The page AKIBA offers the first pictures.

The disk offers 120GB HDD, 7200U/Min, 8MB cache and 9ms average access time. However, these first versions have a huge catch: The retail trade only sells them as a bundle with a Promise 2-Port Serial ATA-150 controller or two disks with a 12-port controller (1560 &), so that owners of a mainboard with an on-board chip get one piece Have more electronic scrap lying around in the room.

We can only hope that other manufacturers will soon, as announced, throw their products on the market this year and thus both lower the price and nonsensical accessories for optional addition and not let it become a must.