Self-encrypting hard drives from Dell

Self-encrypting hard drives from Dell

Dell is now delivering its Latitude notebooks for security-critical areas - and soon also its mobile workstations - with self-encrypting hard drives. They switch off automatically after several unsuccessful authentication attempts and can also be managed remotely.

Available with a full disk -Encrypted drive (FDE) are the Dell business notebooks Latitude ATG, D531, D630, D630c, D631 and D830 as well as the company's mobile Precision workstations shortly. Your FDE hard drives are based on the Momentus 5400 FDE.2 technology from Seagate, offer 120 GB of storage capacity and encrypt data in real time with 128 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) without affecting CPU and hard drive performance. Third-party access and data theft should be almost impossible because FDE disks switch off automatically after five failed authentication attempts. Another advantage of the hard disks is that there is no need for complex encryption and decryption when setting up or servicing the notebooks.

Dell Latitude D630

The included software Wave Embassy Trust Suite for Dell 3.0 allows the setup of pre-boot authentication and local passwords as well as their Restoration. In addition, a quick and safe removal of old data is ensured: Administrators can delete the encryption key so that all data is irrevocably unreadable. It should no longer be possible to reconstruct data and file systems in this way. The Embassy Remote Administration Server (ERAS) is supposed to enable effective remote management. This enables administrators to remotely initialize and manage FDE hard disks, as well as security policies with ActiveAdministration of the directory. There is also password and user management. Forgotten passwords can also be easily restored centrally.