See-through function with the Xabre?

See-through function with the Xabre?

Many will surely still remember the excitement that Asus caused with the see-through function built into the driver. By means of these you could see through walls in online games, for example, and thus recognize opponents earlier and thus gain an extremely unfair advantage.

It was not for nothing that many players with a graphics card from Asus were branded as cheaters from the outset and sometimes even completely excluded from servers, whereupon Asus had to deactivate this function in the drivers again.

The has now noticed in a test of the ECS AG400 SiS Xabre 400 that the so-called Eagle-Eye function contained in the drivers has almost exactly the same effect. It has not yet been clarified whether this is a manufacturer-specific extension of the driver on the part of ECS, or whether this is part of the range of functions with all cards based on the Xabre. The other known reviews have so far been silent about this 'feature'.

Whether it was an attempt to curb the possibly considerable effects of the 'feature' by hushing up, or whether it was really not included in the driver so far is not to be found out. Further tests will show whether this option, which is potentially unfair to use, will really be able to stay in the drivers, in the sense of a reasonably fair online gaming one can only hope that it will be abolished as soon as possible!

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