Security update for Internet Explorer

Security update for Internet Explorer

With the latest update for Internet Explorer version 5.01 or higher, Microsoft has resolved two security gaps that have become known and are viewed as critical. The update called 'Cumulative Patch' not only fixes these two security holes, but also closes all previous, known security holes.

These two new security holes concern, on the one hand, the possibility of using a script contained in a cookie, the security restrictions of the website. This would enable the script of the cookie to carry out actions on the PC with the same rights as the logged-in user. Object tags in HTML web pages proved to be a second security hole; they can be used to start any application on the surfer's PC.

Downloads of security patches:

Internet Explorer 5.01 with SP2

Internet Explorer 5.5 with SP1

Internet Explorer 5.5 with SP2

Internet Explorer 6