Security patch for Windows Media Player

Security patch for Windows Media Player

Microsoft has once again published a bug fix in the form of a collective patch. The collective patch concerns Windows Media Player versions 6.4, 7.1 and 8.0 from Windows XP and contains all previous bug fixes for Windows Media Player as well as bug fixes for three new security holes.

Microsoft classifies one of these security holes as critical because it is possible to execute program code on the user's computer. This is also possible with the other two weak points, but only has an effect in very special cases. This so-called Cumulative Patch will also be included in the new Service Pack 1 of Windows XP. Depending on the version, the patches are between 700 KByte and 1.1 MByte in size.

The download page is here: Cumulative Patch for Windows Media Player (Q320920)

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