Scythe Ninja Cu put to the test: Limited copper edition of the classic

Scythe Ninja Cu put to the test: Limited copper edition of the classic


With the ninja, the Japanese company Scythe landed its first big coup in 2005. After only a small number of volume-conscious, interested computer friends were delighted with the completely passive NCU cooler series for a long time, the Ninja was found to be an exemplary balancing act between passive and active cooling, outperformed the entire competition on the market in passing and was no longer there from then on from the top league of processor air coolers and recommendation lists.

Quasi as an homage to the successful ninja, which is still available in a slightly revised B revision and is still the first choice when it comes to passive ones or semi-passive cooling mode, Scythe is sending a limited edition of a ninja version made entirely of copper to the market just in time for Christmas business. In the usual test manner, we want to clarify to what extent the refined classic can still stand up to current developments in the industry and how big the increase in performance is due to the higher quality material.

Scope of delivery

Scope of delivery with new, quiet fan

The biggest, positive surprise at the The standard fan is included in the scope of delivery. Scythe packs the new slip stream fans with the Ninja Cu, as is now customary, familiar with the limited copper edition of theNinja, however, relies on the super-quiet 800-rpm model and thus recalls the company's origins in the super-silent sector. Otherwise, the golden brown shiny noble sprout comes with the assembly utensils for all common AMD and Intel platforms already known from Revision B of the conventional Ninja, as well as brief assembly instructions. Two wire brackets for fixation and a bag of thermal paste - listen and be amazed - metal oxide base round off the package.

Technical data

  • Full copper cooler: copper base plate, 23 copper fins
  • Nickel-plated heat absorption
  • Six-fold U-layout with 6 mm heat pipes
  • Dimensions without fan: (L) 110 x (W) 110 x (H) 150 mm
  • Fin spacing: approx. 4 mm
  • Total weight: approx. 1120 g
  • 120 mm Scythe slip stream fan
    • Speed: 800 rpm
    • Air throughput: 68.3 m³/h
    • Connection: 3-pin without PWM
  • Compatible with
    • AMD Socket 939/940/754/AM2 with clip
    • Intel Socket 478 and 775 with retention module and clip
  • Manufacturer homepage
  • Limited edition, price approx. 60 euros
  • Distribution: PC-Cooling , Alternate

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