Samsung with DDR I and DDR II RAM

Samsung with DDR I and DDR II RAM

Samsung claims to be the first manufacturer to deliver DDR400 RAM in quantities and to present the first samples of DDR II RAM modules. The DDR400 modules according to the DDR I standard are currently being delivered in 128 and 256 MB.

However, Samsung plans to start delivering 512 MB modules as early as the end of May. DDR400 or PC3200 RAM is addressed at 200 MHz and, according to Samsung, has twice the bandwidth of DDR266 RAM. The first mainboards with DDR400 support are expected to come onto the market shortly, including the SiS648 chipset.

Samsung has also started delivering the first samples of DDR II modules. The 512 MBit modules are organized as 128Mx4, 32Mx16 or 64Mx8, the latter being suitable for 'normal' 256 and 512 MB bars. Although JEDEC has not yet adopted the DDR II specification, the key data have been determined. The modules are operated with a clock rate of 200 or 266 MHz and thus achieve a data transfer rate of up to 3.2 GB/s or 4.3 GB/s. The type designation is DRR-II 400 and DDR533, the RAM modules should then be PC3200 and PC4300. There will be differences in the access time, so the DDR-II 400 should run with a CAS latency (CL) of 4 clocks (CL4 = 20 ns) and 3.5 clocks (CL3.5 = 15 ns), DDR533 will run with CL5 (19 ns) and CL4 (15.2 ns) are running. Due to the improved addressing methods and the termination of the signal paths, the effective data transfer rate with the DDR II modules should be higher than with DDR I.