Samsung SpinPoint F1 available

Samsung SpinPoint F1 available

It was a long time coming - Samsung's new hard drive series SpinPoint F1 . After it was listed in price search engines in June of this year, but was not available, models with 750 GB and 1 TB storage capacity are now shown as available for the first time in the Geizhals price comparison , for example.

The main feature of the F1 series are the 334 GB platters, which theoretically allow a higher data transfer rate with lower power consumption and lower operating noise. Thanks to the high storage density, Samsung is the first manufacturer to achieve the 1 TB mark with 'only' three platters.

Samsung SpinPoint F1

The portfolio of SpinPoint F1 includes hard drive models from 160 GB, 250 GB, 320 GB, 500 GB, 640 GB, 750 GB up to one terabyte of storage capacity. The size of the cache varies between 8 MB, 16 MB and 32 MB, with 8 MB reserved for the smaller models up to 500 GB and 32 MB for the larger models from 750 GB. Among the models currently available, the 750 GB model with 32 MB cache (HD753LJ) costs just under 160 euros, while the 1 TB model with 32 MB cache (HD103UJ) can be had for just under 280 euros. In particular, the version with one terabyte of storage capacity could soon be available a little cheaper, because in the best case it is listed as 'ordered' at around 245 euros.