Samsung ships first samples of DDR400

Samsung ships first samples of DDR400

There are hardly any DDR333 RAM on the market, as the manufacturers still have problems with the circuit boards. Samsung is already presenting the first samples of DDR400 RAM for which there is no specification yet. Recipients are companies such as Nvidia, VIA and SiS.

Samsung expects that it will be in the second quarter of 2002 The first boards will be that support DDR400, and from the third quarter onwards, consumer demand should increase. The marketing heads of Nvidia and VIA see great potential for the new memory chips, and the Vice President of SiS has high expectations for DDR400. At CeBIT, both SiS and VIA showed the first prototypes of DDR400 chipsets, both for Pentium 4 processors. However, DDR-II will be introduced at the beginning of 2003, which is why there are different opinions about DDR400. Samsung sees itself as a pioneer in memory technology and claims a market share of more than 50 percent for DDR333.

Samsung DDR400 pattern