Rumors about the NV30

Rumors about the NV30

Who would not have expected, shortly after the rumors about the ATi R300 graphics chipset, there are also the first rumors about the next graphics chip from Nvidia, the NV30. This should also have incredible specifications in some cases.

Let's get to the data of the NV30, which also includes the code name 'Omen' hears: the NV30 is to be manufactured using the 0.13 µ copper process and run with a clock rate of 450 MHz. It supports AGP 4x and 8x and consists of about 73 million transistors. It is equipped with eight pipelines, a four-fold vertex shader, a two-fold pixel shader and hardware bump mapping. The RAM 'only' uses 128 MB DDR RAM, clocked at 375 MHz (750 MHz), but via a 256 (!) Bit wide bus. In addition, there is the Lightspeed Memory Architecture III, a quadruple cache subsystem and a double Z-buffer, which allows larger, lossless compressions. Nvidia also uses an extended hardware anisotropic filtering, which has a new 12nvx mode, which should bring up to 80 percent better results. The texture units can now calculate up to four textures per pixel in one cycle. The Omen chip with 370 MHz RAMDAC will be DirectX 9.x compatible, support the latest OpenGL version, and also support the Glide interface thanks to NvBlur, a new Glide version.

The most important point is probably the 450 MHz, 0.13µ copper co-processor (!) which is to be used on the graphics cards. This is called 'True Time and Lightning' (TTL) and is also equipped with the new NvAutoShaper, a pre-cache and pre-load system. This allows the programmers to generate faster and better effects, since the data is already pre-cached and should be faster with the actual graphics processor.

It remains to be seen whether these rumors will be confirmed and when this technology will ultimately be used at what price marketis coming.