Rumors about GeForce 4 are growing

Rumors about GeForce 4 are growing

The rumors and speculations about the upcoming generation of graphics cards from nVidia do not stop. We had already gathered the first facts and figures two days ago. But questions still remained unanswered at the time. However, Xbitlabs wants to know about the complete product range.

Accordingly, not four, but even five new graphics cards will see the light of day. In addition to two high-end cards, three MX versions are supposed to attract buyers. The specifications of the individual models will be as follows:

Card version Chip clock Memory clock Memory pipelines AGP interface GeForce 4 Ti 1000 300MHz 350MHz DDR 128MB DDR 6 8x GeForce 4 Ti 500 275MHz 300MHz DDR 128MB DDR 6 4x GeForce 4 MX 460 300MHz 275MHz DDR 64MB DDR 4 4x GeForce 4 MX 440 275MHz 200MHz DDR 64MB DDR 4 4x GeForce 4 MX 420 250MHz 166MHz 64MB SDRAM 2 4x

The range of performance offered and above All in all, prices seem bigger than ever before. The presentation date for the new hardware should, however, be delayed. Previously, the end of January was assumed to be the end of January, but the new graphic miracle will only be presented to the world press later. Technical problems? Apparently not, because nVidia is said to have already sent the first samples to the manufacturers. The thought sounds more likely that nVidia is currently earning enough from the GeForce3 and Ti cards and can thus still keep the new generation in the backhand. Furthermore, the successor to the ATI 8500 is far from in sight.