RoundUp Rundschau - KT400 vs. nForce 2/CPU cooler

RoundUp Rundschau - KT400 vs. nForce 2/CPU cooler

Not only do we try to present interesting news from the world of hardware to our readers day in and day out, other sites, too, let's call them 'colleagues' at this point, keep throwing themselves into action.

Dennis from has once again written his fingers sore and examined six KT400s and an nForce 2 board in a very extensive Socket A Roundup. Still no idea which board should be under the Christmas fir tree? Then let's go to nForce 2 vs. KT400 Part 1 .

That too The best motherboard doesn't make sense without good memory and so the inclined buyer should make a detour to There the memory round-up was brought up to date a second time and deals with the currently most popular RAM modules. Which is worthwhile and which is not? The Speicher-RoundUp should clarify open questions. And so that the most expensive Athlon XP does not go up in flames shortly after switching it on, the guys immediately took a look at a small selection of CPU coolers .

Something older but still worth a look is the basic article on Planet3DNow !. In addition to increasing the clock rate, what other options are there to breathe life into a CPU? The report Doping for CPUs lists some variants in detail.