Ripper mouse pad put to the test: competition for Everglide and Co.

Ripper mouse pad put to the test: competition for Everglide and Co.

The optics!?

The manufacturer's statements regarding compatibility with optical mice are universally popular. At Everglide, for example, we encountered a nice 'Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee compatibility with optical mice due to the different construction methods!' At Ratpadz there is already better service, they have tested various mice from well-known manufacturers (for example Microsoft and Logitech) for compatibility and also developed a pad that is said to be 100% compatible with optical mice. On the Ripper Pads homepage (, however, there is no corresponding reference to this, we did not receive an answer to an email request even after six working days. In the test, however, no incompatibility with a Microsoft Intelli Explorer was found, so other mice should also work accordingly with the pad.


Overall, the Ripper Pad is very convincing thanks to its relatively low price. As a rule, it is available for a good one to two euros below the price of an Everglide Attack Pad, which in terms of dimensions can best be compared to the Ripper Pad. A clear recommendation for rippers if you want to decide between an Everglide Attack Pad and the Ripper Pad. However, if you want to consider buying a large Everglide Giganta Pad, the recommendation is clearly to Everglide, because there is simply more space there and the structure is not so noticeable when using it.The Everglide Pads are also available printed with beautiful motifs from games. Users who play less should think twice about buying such a luxury pad, because as already discussed under 'Office', the money can perhaps be invested more sensibly in other ways or simply saved.

MonkeyHouse Ripper Pad
  • Precision
  • Floor adhesion
  • Design
  • Price
  • Mouse adhesion
  • Size
  • Surface a little rough

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