Ripper mouse pad put to the test: competition for Everglide and Co.

Ripper mouse pad put to the test: competition for Everglide and Co.


The most important reason to buy such a pad is certainly its use in games like Counter Strike, Quake 3 or Unreal Tournament. That is why we are now going into more detail and will also bring our experience with the Everglide Giganta into it.

Particularly good mouse control has become indispensable for games. The Ripper Pad takes this into account and can be used very well for playing. The mouse glides smoothly over the pad, but you need a little more force to get it moving. In our opinion, this is a good feature because it is not so easy to carry out a possibly unwanted movement. Because of the coarser structure of the ripper pad, one might think that the frictional resistance has increased. However, this is not the case, Everglide and Ripper are about the same in this respect.

After a longer round Quake 3 Arena can now be said with great conviction that the Ripper Pad is really very suitable for playing. Compared to a 'normal' pad made of foam with a thin plastic layer on top, the Ripper Pad is really top class. And it can hold its own against an everglide too. In the end, however, there is not a really big noticeable difference between the Everglide and the Ripper Pad in terms of usability in gamesShould get pain symptoms in the wrist. We could not understand this in the test. Then there are only two options: Either we just didn't notice it or this effect doesn't occur. It is more likely to be the latter option, as a height of 0.6 centimeters is not really very high and you can also put your hand on the pad a little.


In the office -The Ripper Pad is certainly an asset to those users who mainly work with the mouse and less (or as much) with the keyboard. In general, however, with the introduction of optical mice, the prerequisite for precision mouse movements has shifted more to the mouse, the pad has become more of a secondary importance and is mostly only used for a good grip and partly also for optics. Therefore, you should consider whether you should get a ripper pad for the money or invest in a more expensive mouse model that has an optical sensor. Then you could continue to use a standard mouse pad, which you can buy for a few euros in the nearest store. But that should by no means be rated as negative, if you want to buy a ripper pad for work, you can do so with peace of mind, you get something for your money.

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