Ripper mouse pad put to the test: competition for Everglide and Co.

Ripper mouse pad put to the test: competition for Everglide and Co.

The surface

The surface is without a doubt the most important factor in a mouse pad these days, which should be particularly attractive for gamers and people with high demands. Like the competition from Everglide, for example, the Ripper Pad relies on a reptile-skin-like surface structure. This is much coarser in structure than the Everglide, which can also be clearly seen in the following picture. We'll also come back to the surface during practical use, as there are some subtle differences to the Everglide.


Practical use

What is a review without a sensible practical test in different areas? Nothing! Therefore, in the next two sections, we will also go into what we noticed positively and negatively, how the pad is generally used and how it performs in games. In general, you have to say in advance that the structure of the Ripper Pad can sometimes be clearly felt. You can literally feel the transitions between the individual parts of the structure and have the impression that the surface is somewhat uneven and rough. This should only bother you at first, then you get used to it and after a while you hardly notice it. This does not apply to the Everglide. In addition, the pad always has very good traction, which is why it does so with somethingmore violent mouse maneuvers always remains in place. In the picture on the right, the model is original on the left and the model is black on the right. Even with the best will in the world, we don't know why the black one has only four feet.

RIpper Pad Feet

But now to the two extra sections. Let's go.

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