Ripper mouse pad put to the test: competition for Everglide and Co.

Ripper mouse pad put to the test: competition for Everglide and Co.

Design and form

How do you pose propose a new type of mouse pad? With many special effects? Possible. The Ripper mouse pad, on the other hand, is, like many representatives of its kind, simply kept in black, which may sound boring but still makes a very good visual impression. It also has red lettering. Depending on the model, this can be a small 'ripper' in the lower left corner (black model) or a large 'ripper' in the middle of the pad with the Internet address '' in the lower left corner (original model). These two variants correspond to our two test models, but there are two other models, one with the GIGA symbol (the TV show on NBC, model GIGA) or with a green Razor Boomslang symbol (model Razer). More models with 'cool motifs from trend games' are to follow soon, at least that's what the homepage says.

Let's get to the form. Well, it's a mouse pad, so there aren't too many options in the shape. Described in words, it is rounded at the upper edge, the sides are somewhat narrower and shorter, and the side facing the user is a straight line with a small indentation. The size of all pads is uniformly measured at 21 x 25 x 0.6 cm. Since pictures can say more than a hundred words can, of course, they shouldn't be missing here.

Regarding the size, it must be said that it is very tight. Space is likely to be a bit tight, especially with lower mouse sensitivity, especially with shooters like Quake 3 or Counter Strike and other shooters. On the other hand, it does not take up too much space on a desk (even if it is quite full), which in turn has a positive effect on LAN parties with relatively little space per seat. Compared to the Everglide Giganta, the space available on the Ripper Pad is rather negative, but it is definitely better than an Attack Pad. The height is another thing, here the Ripper, like the Everglide, has a lot to offer with 0.6 centimeters. Nevertheless, there were no signs of fatigue or pain in the wrist, even after several hours of use. If there were still a Ripper Pad with a Quake 3 Arena logo, everything would be ok ... which brings us to the next point: The Ripper Pad can be provided with your own 4-color logo from a purchase quantity of 25 pieces to let. The price is then 19.38 euros per pad.

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