Ripper LAN Bag in the test: everything for the network party in one bag

Ripper LAN Bag in the test: everything for the network party in one bag

Practical use

Now we come to the most critical point in the review, the practical use. This will show whether the Ripper LAN Bag lives up to expectations and promises.

Midi- Tower :

First of all, we test the construction and preparation with a midi tower. Fix the tower on the middle part, fold the remaining parts into the correct places and fasten the safety loops on the front and back and you're ready to go. The tower, or rather the LAN bag, fits like a glove, as if it had been specially made for this tower (it is a Codegen ATX-6003-L8). Transport is also easy. The 11.2 kilograms are very comfortable to carry and can be endured for a long time. After parking the tower including the bag, it does not even have to be removed, you just open the safety loops at the front and back and you can use the computer like that. Apart from a few exceptions, such as a blow/suck hole or a window in the side wall, this is a very practical solution. We have a full range of accessories in our pockets, from keyboard and mouse to mouse pad and cable everything found its place. However, the one-time trip to the car will certainly not work, because who only has a tower and monitor with them? As already mentioned, almost every LAN visitor also has a box with food and drinks as well as equipment for a comfortable sleep, which also needs to be transported to the location. So far we're on oneTower on your back and a monitor in your arms, so where is the extra box? Right, in the car, unless someone lends a hand and helps carry.

Ripper LAN Bag with tower
Ripper LAN Bag ready for action

Big-Tower :

Our big tower is an Antex SX1030, which is identical to the Chieftec CS-601. Since this tower can be found quite often on LANs, we quickly tested its compatibility with the Ripper LAN Bag. The first time the tower is placed on the middle part, euphoria spreads: the bag fits the width of the tower like a glove. All too quickly, however, the disillusionment follows, because the lids that you fold on the top of smaller towers no longer fit, due to the height. These now hang down on the side, which may press a little in the side, but if you do it skillfully, this is no longer a shortcoming. With the transport, things look completely different again. While the midi tower with its 11.2 kilograms is still comfortable to carry, this looks different with the big tower with 23.8 kilograms. Then there is the size of the tower. Now you should carry the bag very securely over your shoulder, as it could happen that the carrying strap slips off your shoulder. Transporting the big tower using a LAN bag with a monitor in your arms at the same time is therefore no longer so easy, as you cannot prevent the bag from slipping off in an emergency. We don't even want to find out how things look with the manufacturer's maximum specified 40 kilograms, the reasonsshould be obvious: The risk of slipping is now even greater, and with the Big Tower you already feel pressure on the shoulder after several minutes and a slight feeling of fatigue.

When you open the safety loops Our Big Tower is also different from the Midi Tower, they have to be opened now, otherwise the flap on the front of the case can no longer be opened and there is no access to the drives. But if you don't have to access the drives anyway and start the computer using the keyboard or mouse, this is done. The subject of possible window kits or blow/suck holes looks like the midi tower: remove the LAN bag or do without it or switch off any fans.

Ripper LAN Bag with Big-Tower from behind
Ripper LAN Bag with Big-Tower front

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