Ripper LAN Bag in the test: everything for the network party in one bag

Ripper LAN Bag in the test: everything for the network party in one bag

Design and form

The design could be dealt with in one sentence. Since we want it to be a bit more detailed, there is a detailed description, which of course cannot be missing a photo. So let's start with the shape , which in itself is quite a difficult task. The best way to imagine it is when the bag lies open on the floor. Then it has a narrow central bar, to which two large side parts are attached, each of which has a small, narrow part attached: the 'lids', which are folded up on top during transport. Carrying straps are mounted on the side panels towards the lids, the function should be clear. Logically, the base plate of the computer to be transported is placed on the narrow central bar, but we will get to the functionality later.

The Design . Well, it's black as you can clearly see in the photos below. Depending on how you turn it, you have the word 'Ripper' in large, red letters on the left or right of the additional pocket for accessories. Otherwise there is nothing more to say about the design.

Ripper LAN Bag only
Ripper LAN Bag opened


In theory, the use of the LAN bag looks like this: You put the computer in the LANBag, adjusts it correctly depending on the size of the tower, loads the accessories into the bag and drives or goes with the computer to the location or wherever you want to go. The monitor is taken in the arm.

However, carrying it makes us a bit skeptical in theory. The manufacturer specifies a maximum carrying capacity of 40 kilograms, but whether you can still walk stably with 40 kilograms over your shoulder or what distance you can cover without feeling pain in your shoulder after a while is more than questionable. Therefore, in the practical test, we attach particular importance to how well and over what period of time the whole thing can be worn. Second, the information that you can also transport big towers makes us suspicious, since the size of the bag just takes a midi tower, you take a sense of proportion. Therefore, our second point on the list for the practical test: As promised, big towers must also be easy and convenient to transport. The third point is a promised feature, which, as in the subtitle of this review, we have processed into a motto: 'One walk from the car to the location and everything with you'. Does the LAN visitor really only take the monitor and tower with them? Rather unlikely, because almost one hundred percent of all LAN visitors will bring at least one more box with other things.

Since the theory doesn't get us any further here, let's move on to practice.

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