Regulator criticizes order backlog at Telekom

Regulator criticizes order backlog at Telekom

The examination of the order situation at Deutsche Telekom by the Federal Network Agency, initiated by the competition, showed that the ex-monopoly can no longer keep up with the processing of external orders - and with it the boom in DSL -Segment cuts.

'There is a large order backlog when ordering the subscriber line (TAL)', commented on Tuesday the President of the Federal Network Agency, Matthias Kurth, the result of the review, which was largely requested by Arcor and Telefónica. The telecom competition association VATM believes it can quantify how big this order backlog actually is: Telekom currently has a good 100,000 unprocessed local loop orders. These are customers who want to change their provider. As a network operator, it is up to Telekom to activate the so-called “last mile” for the competition and thereby connect the customer.

Even if Telekom denies the allegations, the Federal Network Agency has demanded that the orders be placed as soon as possible process and not deter customers willing to switch.