Registration of insolvency claims with Surf1

Registration of insolvency claims with Surf1

Insolvency proceedings were opened on November 1st, 2000 via the bankrupt Internet provider and flat rate pioneer Surf1.

In In a letter dated November 24th, 2000, all customers who, for example, have concluded a one-year flat rate contract with Surf1, will be notified by post to register all claims against Surf 1 GmbH.

'[...] we ask You politely notify your claims against the debtor company by October 31, 2000 on the attached registration sheet, including receipts. [...] '

The claims should be submitted by December 15. be communicated in writing to the competent insolvency administrator The date for holding the reporting date is January 19, 2001, the examination date was set for February 16, 2001. The extent to which the injured party will be fully reimbursed for his fore-endings remains to be seen, but after a long 'radio silence' there is finally a sign from Surf1.