Record year for news portals on the Internet

Record year for news portals on the Internet

News portals are among the big winners in the German-speaking Internet in 2007. They were able to significantly increase the number of their visits compared to previous years. This is shown by a long-term survey that the Federal Association for Information Technology, Telecommunications and New Media ( Bitkom ) recently presented in Berlin.

According to this, the 20 most used news portals in Germany are expected to be this year Visited 4 billion times - an increase of 25 percent. In 2006 the value was 3.2 billion, in 2005 2.7 billion. “Although there were no major events such as federal elections, news portals have grown strongly in the year to date. This makes it clear that the Internet has finally established itself as the fourth source of up-to-date information alongside newspapers, TV and radio, 'Bitkom comments on the result .

However, the boom is not only being borne by all-encompassing news sites like 'Spiegel Online' or 'Focus Online'. The list of the 20 most used news portals also includes offers that focus on individual topics such as sports or computers. In addition, there are websites of regional newspapers that are so strong in their area of ​​publication that it is sufficient for a placement in the nationwide Top 20. All these portals have one thing in common: They are freely accessible. A subscription is not required. Instead, the pages are primarily financed through advertising. In the USA it was the other way around for a long time. There, the news portals rely on income from subscription fees for years. More and more providers in America are now deviating from this strategy.

As part of the survey, news portals were defined as offers that report exclusively and up-to-date on political, economic, sports or specialist topics. In doing so, all sides are taken into account that differ from the information community toHave the determination of the distribution of advertising media (IVW) checked. The basis for the percentage information on the use of news portals are data from the European statistical authority Eurostat .