Real reason for T-Online flat rate setting

Real reason for T-Online flat rate setting

After Telekom discontinued the ISDN flat rate of its subsidiary T-Online last week, internal documents are now appearing which should actually only be available to the hotline to answer questions. The documents show the reasons with which the employees should justify the flat rate setting or answer other questions in order to give as uniform answers as possible.

First of all, it is pointed out that the flat rate is only available for Frequent users have paid off. If the customer is not satisfied with this, the employees should argue with the 'blocking of the network by constant loggers' or 'economic fairness'. In exceptional cases, with particularly persistent inquiries, the point of 'economic realities' comes into play.

However, they are more interesting the information that is still provided contrary to the specifications. For example, one employee was very open about the real reasons for hiring. As it is said, Telekom wants to prevent the introduction of a wholesale flat rate, as prescribed by the RegTP, in any case. After Telekom failed legal action against the RegTP decision, there was only one solution for Telekom: the T-Online flat rate had to go. In this way you want to try to circumvent the wholesale flat rate. On the other hand, there are employees who are not exactly motivated to respond to inquiries. Quote: 'No plan. We only get a letter saying that the flat rate will be discontinued. We can't say more about it'.