Razer Boomslang 2000 in the test: ball mouse with 2000 dpi for gamers

Razer Boomslang 2000 in the test: ball mouse with 2000 dpi for gamers


One can certainly not recommend the Boomslang to everyone without reservation, as not every user is certain want to get used to the unusual shape of the housing. I can only give my personal opinion - it's worth giving it a chance! If you don't have a good mouse yet and play a lot, the purchase of the Boomslang 2000 should definitely be considered. However, if you play little and already have a good mouse, you can do without purchasing a mouse. But what do those who have a good mouse and play a lot do? First and foremost, it depends on your wallet. If you have the necessary change and are ready to invest 200 DM in a mouse, you should definitely consider buying the Boomslang 2000. In any case, the Boomslang 2000 ousted my Intelli Mouse Explorer from the mouse pad, even if I never thought beforehand that I would exchange my optical mouse for an analog mouse. If you are put off by the high price for the time being, you should think about what you are spending on other PC components. A price of 200 DM is not uncommon for a joystick or steering wheel. Regardless of what you spend on graphics cards, CPUs or RAM. Also, when you consider that you use the mouse most of the time while sitting at the PC, the price should be less daunting. At , the only German dealer, Boomslang 2000 is currently available for the price ofGet 199.90 DM.

For the offered performance, the Boomslang 2000 clearly has to be given a very good. Because of the high price, the price/performance is only enough for a good - very good.

Razer Boomslang 2000
  • Software
  • Precision/Sensitivity
  • Very smooth
  • Little hand movement required
  • Large, non-slip buttons
  • USB port + PS2 adapter
  • Cable length (2.20 meters)
  • Cult effect
  • Big hand required
  • Supplied drivers not up to date
  • Getting used to the case longer than normal
  • Price

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