Razer Boomslang 2000 in the test: ball mouse with 2000 dpi for gamers

Razer Boomslang 2000 in the test: ball mouse with 2000 dpi for gamers

Windows operation

In normal Windows operation, the Boomslang 2000 leaves nothing to be desired. The freely configurable functions make some applications even easier. If you use some key combinations frequently, it makes sense to really 'sacrifice' a key on the mouse, especially because you don't need 5 keys in Windows anyway. Razer has solved it well that you can assign a second function to the 4th key in addition to 'on-the-fly sensitivity'. This is possible because 'on-the-fly sensitivity' is only used in conjunction with the mouse wheel, so that a simple press of the key can be assigned another function. However, if you often switch back and forth between games in which you have assigned a special function to certain keys and Windows, it makes little sense to constantly switch the functions of the keys. Therefore you should decide once for a key configuration, depending on whether you use more Windows or play more.

You can't necessarily say that with the Boomslang you can reach the buttons in Windows more precisely because of its higher precision, but you can reach them with less hand movement here too. But if you play rarely or not at all, the purchase of the Boomslang 2000 at the current price of $ 99.99, which is currently around DM 230, is actually not worthwhile. If you have a good mouse here, you should save yourself the money and invest in other hardware or software. But for Windows operation, Boomslang is inFirst and foremost, not even thought, it is clearly aimed at gamers.


The Boomslang is more precise than any other mouse I have ever had in my hands . While playing, you shouldn't think about what kind of mouse you are using and that you would have to hit better with it, because then usually nothing works. But if you continue to play normally, you sometimes wonder what you suddenly hit. So far I always had the problem in Counter-Strike, for example, that I found the Intelli Mouse Explorer too imprecise for sniping. At a great distance I always slipped over the body of the opponent and therefore did not hit. With the Boomslang 2000, on the other hand, you can snipe very precisely even at a very great distance and because of the very good precision it is often no longer a problem to catch an opponent that I would hardly have done before. But again, it should be pointed out again that it doesn't suddenly make someone an excellent player, but it is an asset to good players. In addition, the ability to change the sensitivity while playing is a positive feature when playing. In Counter-Strike I prefer a slower sensitivity for the sniper rifles than for the fast-firing rifles. So far it was always necessary to change the sensitivity of the mouse in the console by hand, which is annoying while playing and is therefore always avoided. Isif you are ready to use a mouse button for this adjustment, you can now easily make this change at the push of a button and with the scroll wheel.

I also noticed this change in Quake 3 in connection with the Railgun. In the past I often just left it unheeded because I didn't think I would hit anything with it anyway. Now I'm not afraid of her anymore. You just really shouldn't think about it when you have a weapon like that, you just have to focus on the game. If you know how to use the Razer, the rest will come naturally. However, you have to get used to the position of the 5th button on the right outside of the mouse, especially when playing. But if that happens after a few days, you will no longer have any problems with the mouse. Overall, the game is easier to play. However, I also noticed a disadvantage when playing: Since the mouse is not optical, but still has the famous ball, the mouse pointer moves unintentionally on the screen if you briefly lift the mouse and then put it back on the mouse pad . This happens every now and then while gaming to correct the position of the mouse on the mousepad. In this regard, I have to give all optical mice a plus point, as this no longer occurs with them.

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