Ratpadz Ratpad in the test: mouse pad from the gamer for the gamer

Ratpadz Ratpad in the test: mouse pad from the gamer for the gamer


A name, a company, a product and for some time now the Ratpadz mouse pad has finally been available in Germany. The high-tech mouse pad, which was initially only available in the US, comes from the die-hard gamer scene and was developed solely for them. Because if you know, besides the players themselves, what a really good mouse pad is all about, and so it came about that a group of players got together to design a mouse pad that is supposed to bring movement accuracy into a new dimension. After the pad in the USA, like the Everglide Large Attack mouse pad, made a very good name for itself in gaming circles after a short time, it has been available for purchase as a US import in Germany for about a quarter of a year. We took a closer look at the pad and compared it with the Everglide Large Attack mouse pad, which is widely used in Germany.

The Ratpad
Everglide Large Attack

The price

Since the US dollar/D-Mark exchange rate is very high at the moment and the Ratpad is a US import, you unfortunately have to dig a little deeper into your pocket for the Ratpad than for the Everglide Large Attack or the Everglide Giganta. The German Ratpadz Distribution charges a constant price for the Ratpad for 45DM plus 5DM (advance payment) or 9DM (cash on delivery). So you have to buy it compared to the Everglide LargeAttack approx. 12DM, or compared to the Everglide Giganta 6DM more put on the table.

The pad

Size comparison

The ratpad is exactly 29cm wide, a maximum of 23.5cm and a minimum of 20.5cm deep. Due to the rounded edges, however, 1cm is lost on each side, but this is of no consequence in the overall size of the pad. The height above the base is 0.8 cm. Due to the angled edges, you have a soft rise from the edge to the surface of the advice pad, so that this 0.8cm can be overcome extremely gently. This transition is even a tad better than with the Everglide, where it is a bit steeper.

9 pimples on the ratpad
6 pimples on the Everglide Large Attack

In addition to a large area of ​​movement, good adhesion of the pad to the table is of course of great importance, because nothing is worse than slipping the mouse pad during a deathmatch session, which can lead to valuable points being lost. To remedy this shortcoming, the Ratpad has a total of 9 rubber nubs on the underside, which are supposed to guarantee perfect adhesion. The surface of the ratpad is very identical to that of the Everglide mouse pads and is made of the same material. It is absolutely flat, extremely durable and washable. In addition, it is compatible with every currently available optical mouse, which can be guaranteed with the Everglide Pads as long as it does not (completely) knoware.


Unlike Everglide, however, at Ratpadz you don't have a choice between color, shape or logo. There are currently no plans to expand the product range to e.g. an Unreal Tournament Edition or Half Life Edition, but what for? The inner values ​​are those that count and not just any logo.

The test

During the test phase, which lasted several weeks, I had the pleasure of being able to put the pad through its paces, with the result that the Ratpad has now replaced my little Everglide Large Attack mouse pad. Above all, the slightly smoother surface compared to the Everglide and the smoother transition between the tabletop influenced my decision. The aspect of the mouse pad size, which is especially important for owners of large mice, such as the Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer or the Logitech MouseMan Wheel, can be fully met by the Ratpad. The surface is as smooth as on the first day and shows no signs of wear. Due to the large recess on the front of the pad, you have a free choice of where you want to place your hand and you don't have to limit yourself to a small hollow in the middle.

Ratpad with mouse 2
Everglide Large Attack
Ratfigcaption with mouse 1
Everglide Large Attack


To summarize a long test in a few words: Even though it is slightly higher than the competitionThe Ratpad is worth a look, especially for professional gamers. Due to its size, shape and surface, which is a tad better than the Everglide, the Ratpadz's Ratpadz received a recommendation from the editors.

Ratpadz Ratpad
  • Very large
  • Good surface
  • Good adhesion
  • Unusual shape

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