Ranking of the mainboard manufacturers

Ranking of the mainboard manufacturers

Also in 2001 the battle for first place in the number of motherboards sold raged. Although the figures for December are not yet available, we would like to present the sales figures so far from last year.

We are limited to the first four places with the manufacturers ASUS, Elitegroup, Gigabyte and MSI, the other manufacturers are far behind. The sales figures are mainly achieved in the OEM business, only 10 percent of the mainboards are sold in the retail market.

Sold mainboards in millions of pieces
Manufacturer June July August September October November ASUS 0.96 1.05 kA 1.4 1.87 1.45 Elitegroup 0.9 1.0 1.3 1.5 1.5 1.5 MSI 0.6 0.82 0.8 0.87 1.05 1.05 Gigabyte 0, 63 0.75 0.71 0.95 1.0 1.05

If one considers those numbers, you see a head-to-head race for first and second as well as third and fourth place. With regard to the targets of the individual companies, ASUS has only achieved 77 percent of its target of 18 million motherboards with around 13.8 million motherboards. At Elitegroup it looks better, here of 15 million sales, 13.52 million were made, which corresponds to 90%. MSI achieved 79 percent and Gigabyte only 70 percent of their target sales figures. Except for Elitegroup, hardly any of the manufacturers sold enough motherboards in December to still achieve the target value. According to the figures available so far, the throne will probably go back to ASUS in 2001.