RAM has become more expensive in the meantime

RAM has become more expensive in the meantime

Recently, there has been an increasing increase in RAM prices. Instead of the lowest price mark of around DM 84.00 for a 128 MB PC133, you had to pay around DM 130.00 all at once. The strange thing about it: This increase was noticeable everywhere in Germany.

Reason given by the dealers: The customers would have bought the market short due to the low price level. However, often only small to medium-sized dealers are affected, because Alternate has so far kept its price for a 128 MB PC133 no-name module at DM 109.00 and continues to state very good availability.

The situation should change However, it will soon relax, provided that the European wholesalers do not artificially reduce the supply of RAM in order to stabilize a high price level. But if they continue to supply the market, we should have the usual prices again in two to three weeks.