Radeon cards from Gigabyte

Radeon cards from Gigabyte

Gigabyte now has three new graphics cards on offer. All are powered by ATI graphics chips. What is special, however, is that they no longer have the ATI reference design as a model. A huge heat sink was mounted on the card with the Radeon 7500 LE.

The AR64S-H, or Radeon 7500 Pro, is an LE variant of the normal Radeon 7500. The difference is that with 175 MHz clocked SDRAM memory and in the clock frequency of the chip. So this is only 250 MHz. The circuit board is in red, the arrangement of the components is also different than in the reference design. As the name suggests, the Radeon 7000 Pro has a Radeon 7000E chip. 64 MByte SDRAM is also used as memory. The low-end card Rage 128 Pro is powered by the Rage 128 and has 32 MB SDRAM.

Radeon 7500 Pro
Radeon 7000 Pro
Rage 128 Pro