Radeon 9700 (R300) with external power supply?

Radeon 9700 (R300) with external power supply?

The number one rumor mill, also known as 'The Inquirer' among experts, has an interesting theory ready for the upcoming ATI chip, the R300. Accordingly, in addition to the all-in-wonder version with TV tuner, the stand-alone card, as once the Voodoo5 from 3Dfx, require an external power supply.

This rumor has not yet been officially confirmed or denied. However, the facts that have been used to make this claim speak in favor of such a solution. With 107 million transistors, the R300 has 50 million more transistors than nVidia's current flagship, the Ti4X00. The hunger for performance could quickly exceed the maximum 40 watts available via AGP, not least thanks to the 150 micron construction. Should this happen, the R300, named Radeon 10000 by The Inquirer and manufactured in 130 micron technology, could bring relief towards the end of the year.

Even if an external supply is used will certainly not cause any technical problems, the manufacturers should nevertheless give another thought to the path taken and its goal. It should be clear that the 'brute force' method has now brought them the crown of the fastest graphics card thanks to brute arithmetic power. Problems are passed on to the user, however. Heat, overloaded power supplies and annoying GPU fans are too high a price to pay for graphics that are currently not needed, except for reasons of prestige.

Extra power connection for the R300