Radeon 8500 with 128MB DDR-RAM

Radeon 8500 with 128MB DDR-RAM

In a few days, namely at the beginning of February, 'Joytech' will be launching a Radeon 8500 with 128MB DDR RAM under the name 'DEVIL MONSTER II RADEON 8500 PRO'. The memory and chip clock will each be 250MHz, so that the memory thanks to DDR technology will result in 500MHz.

The 128MB DDR-RAm is a 4ns fast RAM from Samsung. The card is clocked a little lower than the previous top model from ATI, which only has 64MB DDR-RAM, but a 275MHz chip and memory clock. Joytech will also bring a 'DEVIL MONSTER RADEON 7500 PRO' onto the market, which will also be equipped with 128MB DDR-RAM. One can certainly have different opinions about the sense or nonsense of the 128MB memory. Our colleagues from Digit-Life were able to get hold of the first pictures of the Radeon 8500 Pro.

Radeon 8500 Pro Box
Radeon 8500 Pro Front
Radeon 8500 Pro Back