QDI KinetiZ 7T in the test: Socket A mainboard with VIA KT-133

QDI KinetiZ 7T in the test: Socket A mainboard with VIA KT-133


With the KinetiZ 7T, QDI is launching its first Socket A board with a VIA KT-133 chipset. Enclosed I would like to express my thanks again to QDI, who kindly provided us with the test model. In terms of price, it is more in the lower sector. The following test shows whether it is positioned in the upper sector in terms of quality, equipment and performance.

Scope of delivery

In addition to the board, the inconspicuously designed package contains other useful or absolutely necessary items. A driver CD along with a manual and warranty card are a given. In addition to these things, there is also an IDE cable, which is required to operate drives in UDMA-66 mode, and a cable for connecting the floppy disk drive. For completely new housings, there is also a metal cover for the back of the PC with holes for the various interfaces in the pack. A second serial port is also available, but on a slot bracket and must be connected to the mainboard with a cable. In order to be able to hear certain settings via jumper, the package contains 10 jumpers in a small, resealable plastic bag. In addition to the VIA chipset drivers, there are various tools on the CD. These include an anti-virus program and a program called 'ManageEasy' from QDI itself. This makes it possible toTo remotely maintain and manage computers on a network. Various other programs are also included, for example a program to load your own BIOS boot logo into the BIOS or a program to flash and update the BIOS.

Technical data

Here are the most important technical data, the whole list is available here .

  • Socket A
  • VIA KT133 chipset
  • VIA 686A Southbridge
  • UltraDMA/66 Support
  • 1 AMR (Audio Modem Riser)
  • 1 AGP slot
  • 5 PCI slots
  • 1 ISA slot
  • 4 USB ports
  • Maximum 1.5 GByte SDRAM
  • Creative 5880 PCI sound chip on-board
  • Hardware monitoring of CPU temperature, CPU fan speed, etc.

The features of the QDI KinetiZ 7T hardly differ from the current socket A motherboards. However, QDI relies on the somewhat older VIA Southbridge 686A, which means that you have to forego the support of UltraDMA/100, as this transmission mode is only supported with the new Southbridge revision 686B.

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