Prophet 9700 Pro WCE - Nothing but hot air

Prophet 9700 Pro WCE - Nothing but hot air

You think you have got hold of a small rarity in today's fast-paced world and then you have to hear that the gem that you are longingly waiting for is not being built at all. What are we talking about here? From the Guillemot Prophet 9700 Pro WCE announced in mid-October.

We remember: With the Prophet 9700 Pro WCE Hercules had a small, limited edition of only 99 graphics cards with integrated water cooling, i.e. a water cooler instead of one large fan cooler as usual, offered for 555 euros. Only a few hours later they were all sold out. A hot discussion in the comments of our previous news showed that there was great interest in such a graphics card.

As it became known, Guillemot later proudly informed the buyers that the price of the WaKü Radeon could be reduced from 555 euros to 499 euros through renegotiations. Great, thought everyone who received the confirmation that he was one of the selected 99 customers, the card is not that expensive in contrast to the other manufacturers.

'.... Thank you for your order a Prophet 9700WCE. The cards will be available from the beginning of November. I can send you the positive message that we have been able to reduce the sales price of the card to 499 euros through renegotiations. This also applies to your order. As soon as the card is available, we will send them as cash on delivery as ordered. '

Well, then the wait started. The first calendar week in November was named as the delivery date. It was still 3 weeks away. It's a long time when you're looking forward to something. Well, two weeks ahead of the deadline, we had just decided to send an email to Guillemot to ask where the WaKü Radeon is going. When checking the emails, a message from Guillemot flutters into the inbox. SecretlyWe are already looking forward to it, because we assume it says: 'Your Prophet 9700 Pro WCE is now ready and has been dispatched.' But because of that. There was a rejection. Not that there was no longer any, but it said that the announced water-cooled version would never exist. So not one.

'Unfortunately, the last information we have at hand indicates that the Prophet 9700 Pro WCE is not As an alternative, we can offer you the Prophet 9700 Pro Red Edition. For a special price of 459 euros. Please inform us how we should proceed. '

Oh, we should take a normal Radion 9700 instead. It's a great replacement for a graphics card with integrated water cooling. Especially since it would have been a rarity. A graphics card with water cooler directly from the manufacturer.

We decide not to order a replacement. After all, we wanted a water-cooled Radeon 9700 Pro and not just any random one.

We find it very weak that none of them went on sale. Especially since we, the 99 waiting buyers, could have been told earlier.