Problems with the new Detonator drivers?

Problems with the new Detonator drivers?

After the release of the new official 11/23 Detonator drivers, some users complained of problems with an 'infinite loop error' and the sudden closure of some games under XP. Today there is initial information about these problems.

They only occur on systems with a VIA chipset and are caused by a 'Memory Write Queue (MWQ) timer' problem. The new driver has access to more memory in the system than was the case with previous Nvidia drivers. That's why there are sometimes better performance values ​​than the predecessors. But with this new 'feature' there is also a new problem: If the RX55 Memorx register is left 'open' in the BIOS, the problems described above can arise. On the one hand, there is the possibility of solving these problems by resetting the settings of the BIOS and then not changing anything in the memory settings, on the other hand you can also try to manually change the memory settings to a less aggressive value.

But suddenly VIA released a beta version of a service pack driver that is supposed to provide better performance under Windows XP. And quite by chance it fixes the following problem:

'This is a beta version of the Service Driver pack. This patch detects the 0305, 3099, 3102, and 3112 (KT133x, KT266x, VT8662, and KLE133) * only *. On these chipsets, it will patch register 55 in the Northbridge, which will supposedly switch off a Memory Write Queue timer. '

Whether this service pack driver completely solves the problem with the new Nvidia driver , is unfortunately not yetclarified. In this beta version of the driver there also seem to be problems with the recognition of the KT266 (A), because the corresponding bits have been moved to register 95h, but the driver also tries to change 55h on KT266 (A) boards.