Preview of Matrox Parhelia: DirectX 9 not quite fulfilled

Preview of Matrox Parhelia: DirectX 9 not quite fulfilled


For a long time there have been rumors about the next Generation chip from Matrox, code-named 'Parhelia'. It should be officially announced on May 14th, 2002, next Tuesday.

However, xBitLabs dropped the bomb yesterday night burst prematurely and presented a complete preview to the public, unfortunately only in Russian for the time being. Gradually, more and more understandable translations by online translators à la Babelfish appeared and in the morning Digit-Life provided a complete and understandable translation by the author of xBitLabs himself.

We will now take this a little more precisely.

For the ninth degree

Matrox 'newest child was actually one of the first Direct X 9 chips before 3DLabs recently launched their near-DirectX 9 Chip P10 presented.

Almost because some key functions have not yet been fully fulfilled, such as a continuous pipeline that works with floating point accuracy and only at the end does it work down the result to an integer result if necessary. So let's first take a quick look at some of the requirements of DirectX 9.

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