PowerVR introduces Kyro 2 SE

PowerVR introduces Kyro 2 SE

After numerous rumors about the Kyro 2 successor circulated on the internet in the past few weeks, PowerVR has now revealed the secret at CeBit in Hanover. Accordingly, the new chip is again called Kyro 2 Ultra, still Kyro 3 but Kyro 2 SE, so basically a second edition.

Compared to the previous model, the chip clock and memory clock are now 200 MHz, compared to 175 MHz in the Kyro 2, but the competition is much further ahead here. The innovations of the Kyro2 SE are to be looked for with a magnifying glass. From a critical point of view, it is only a higher clocked Kyro 2. Regarding hardware T&L, unfortunately, there is nothing positive to report. With the help of EnT & L, this has recently been implemented in the driver.

To deliver optimal cost-performance KYRO II SE supports the new EnT & L driver technology which unites the advanced features of KYRO II SE with transform and lighting to provide superior performance to cost comparable solutions.

One of the first manufacturers to announce a graphics card based on the Kyro 2 SE is Videologic, who are selling their Vivid! XS Elite with TV output for 199 euros. This would make the card significantly more expensive than cards with nVidia's GeForce4 MX440 , which come close to the performance of a GeForce2 Ti.