PowerQuest Partition Magic 7.0 in the test: hard drives under Windows under control

PowerQuest Partition Magic 7.0 in the test: hard drives under Windows under control

Additional software

Drive Mapper is an essential program if you want to change the order of partitions on a hard drive and a partition with a Windows installation is affected. All operating systems remember the partition number of the partition on which they were installed. If the order of the partitions is now changed, a Windows installation may no longer be found. Drive Mapper solves this problem by searching a Windows installation specifically for corresponding partition number entries and changing them to the new number. However, PowerQuest advises against using the program if there are several operating systems on one hard drive and recommends a complete reinstallation of the affected operating systems.

PowerQuest Partition Magic 7.0

With the small program Partition Info you can quickly and clearly display all information about installed hard disks and their partitions. All technical information such as the number of heads, sectors and cylinders, as well as data about the individual partitions, including their start and end sectors, size, status and partition type, are displayed. The program also indicates whether a partition is defective.

The Boot Magic software is included in the scope of delivery of Partition Magic, but not part of the test. Boot Magic is a powerful oneDisk management program with which it is possible to manage different operating systems on one computer. It is similar to the well-known OS loader from Windows NT or the LiLo under Linux. However, Boot Magic offers functions that go beyond simply selecting and starting operating systems. For example, passwords for starting an operating system can be set. Emergency disks can also be created for the program. If the master boot record (mbr) should be damaged, it can be restored quickly with the floppy disks.


The program leaves a very good impression after the test. It ran stably, completed all test tasks without difficulty, and is easy to use. Little has changed on the surface, which should please many experienced Partition Magic users. In contrast to version 6, which was somewhat unstable in parts, version 7 did not encounter any problems, errors or even crashes in any of the test tasks performed. Merging NTFS partitions will certainly be an interesting point in the future, especially since Windows XP is increasingly relying on NTFS. Another trend-setting step into the future is the support of external USB hard disks and hard disks with capacities of up to 80GB.

If you already own the previous version of Partition Magic 7, there is currently none for you Necessity to switch to the new version, unless: You intend to switch to Windows XP in the foreseeable future and are dependent on NTFS, have to work with large or external hard drives, only then will a switch be interesting or even necessary. However, if you are still looking for software for this area with these properties, you can safely access it. It must also be taken into account that the system requirements for use with Windows XP have increased considerably. SubmittedWindows 2000 still has a Pentium with 133MHz and 64MB RAM, so Windows XP requires a Pentium with 233MHz with 128MB RAM.

PowerQuest Partition Magic 7.0
  • Very stable
  • Ease of use
  • New NTFS functions
  • Support for external USB hard drives
  • Supports Windows XP
  • no major innovations
  • only supports hard drives up to 80GB

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